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Sweet Potato Lettuce Wraps


2 sweet potatoes peeled and cubbed

8-10 Brussel sprouts sliced or shredded

1 leek cleaned and sliced

pinch of salt

Green leaves for serving


Cut your sweet potatoes into 1inch cubes and set aside. Slice Brussel sprouts thinly so they are shredded. Set aside. In a fry pan on low-med heat, add a bit of water to sauté with. Add the leek and sprinkle on some salt to start sweating the leeks. Cook for 2-3 mins to soften leeks. Add the cubed sweet potatoes to the pan and stir to combine. Cover and cook for 12-15 mins. After about 8 mins into the cooking time, open the cover and add the sliced Brussel sprouts. Mix well and cover and let the cooking time finish for another 5 mins. After the 12-15 mins, remove from heat and let cool. Lay out big leaf greens and spoon mixture into leaves. Serve immediately

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