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Oil Free Potato Wedgies


2lb bag russet potatoes scrubbed clean


garlic salt

red pepper flakes

Tajin (mexican lime spice - optional)


Cook potatoes in the Instant Pot on the steamer rack with 1 cup of water under the rack for 12 mins on high pressure. Do a manual release of pressure as soon as its done. Put the potatoes carefully in a bowl and toss in the fridge overnight to cool and stiffen up.

Cut cooled potatoes down the center the long way, then cut each side into 3 slices the long way. Toss in a bowl. Continue until all potatoes are cut. Toss on as much of the spices as you like and shake the bowl from side to side to coat all the fries (or use your hands). Put on an air fryer rack and air fry for 10-15 minutes or until they start to get brown and the skin starts to welt. Dont let them burn. Remember, they are already cooked so we are just trying to get them to color up a bit.

Alternatively, you can steam the potatoes for 8 minutes and then broil them once the spices are on. Broil for about 5 minutes on each side.

These are a great lunch idea and will stay fresh all week. Serve with some BBQ sauce, ketchup or plant based cheese sauce.

Link to video where I make these:

(this is an older video where I use the broil method instead of the air fry method)

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